Think and reason in 3 dimensions - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Think and reason in 3 dimensions

Being able to think and reason in 3-dimensions is an important life skill. It is also valuable for solving problems in mathematics and science. However it is not a skill that many teachers think about. I have been using the CAVE to encourage both primary and secondary pre-service teachers to think about how they visualise in 3D and problem solve in 3D.

  • Used the campus flyover to ask pre-service teachers to identify and solve a mathematical problem
  • Discussions around perspective and how 3D shapes change when viewed from different angles and distances
  • Understanding of earth geometry
  • Developing the ability to think and reason in 3D using the cube and other plutonic solids
  • Exploring molecular orbitals and chemical bonds

These activities were all followed up with discussions about the implications for future classrooms

For further information contact: Dr Margaret Marshman