USC Arts/Business graduate Jayde Hobdell from Narangba - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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USC Arts/Business graduate Jayde Hobdell from Narangba

“This area has influenced me a lot. The culture – from the beach to the bush – has played a big part of my life.

“Growing up, I really loved art, so graphic design was an easy choice for me to study at USC.

“I’ve started working more at my family’s clothing brand – Festival Clothing Company – after I graduated.

“We design a lot of hippy beachwear, so I think the culture here has influenced the type of products we sell in that regard. There’s definitely that laid-back beach vibe around this area.”

“I chose USC because it was a newer, younger uni.

“I’d love to stay working in the region. There’s a lot of small businesses based around the area that are adding a lot to the region. There’s plenty of quiet achievers here.

“If I can remain working in the region where I grew up, that’s really important to me.”