Multimedia Device Analytics for Efficient Hardware Implementation - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Multimedia Device Analytics for Efficient Hardware Implementation

Applications will be accepted by the Graduate Research School until the position is filled.

This domestic scholarship is for a PhD in the School of Science and Engineering in the area of "Multimedia Device Analytics for Efficient Hardware Implementation".

Energy aware embedded visual processing is vital for systems where embedding cameras with local processing capability is important for processing data and feature-driven learning in intelligent IoT and vehicular systems (e.g. autonomous vehicles). Different approaches can be used for hardware implementation from traditional microcontrollers to new approaches using GPU and reconfigurable FPGA technologies. This research aims to design and develop core algorithms (e.g. SIFT, FFT, vector products) and architectures for multimedia device analytics that are able to be effectively deployed into various hardware technologies by evaluating the speed, performance and latency through hardware acceleration.

For more information on the scholarship, please contact Prof. Li-minn Ang (Kenneth) at email:

  • Be accepted into the Doctor of Philosophy program at the University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Not have an equivalent qualification to the one for which is currently being applied for
  • Have a First-Class Bachelor Honours Degree, or show equivalent level of achievement with other academic qualifications or professional research experience
  • Applications can only be accepted for Domestic students
  • Must remain enrolled on a full time basis
Selection criteria
  • Undergraduate Degree
  • Research training degree (First Class Honours or equivalent)
  • Research publications
  • Professional research experience
  • Candidates with experience in the research area (multimedia information processing and Internet of Things) and practical hardware development skills (e.g. FPGA, Labview, etc) will be strongly looked upon
Eligible programs
Doctor of Philosophy
Number available



To apply:

  • If you are not a current USC HDR student, complete a program application for admission following the directions on the HDR Applicants page
  • Next, apply for the scholarship: