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Switching to the right uni

Meet Joanna

USC Science Graduate, now a Project Leader at the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries researching strawberry virology.

Joanna Kristoffersen

“You don’t have to know what you want to do when you start uni, you’ll find it along the way”

After studying veterinary science and working in the field as a vet nurse, Joanna realised life at a big city university and the vet profession were not for her. After enjoying the molecular side of science such as DNA and RNA, Joanna found the Bachelor of Science at USC to give her the flexibility and breadth of knowledge she was looking for. She wasn’t sure where the degree might lead her but tried out different areas to find her passion. Smaller class sizes meant she was able to form a bond with her teachers where she could feel comfortable to ask questions and learn more. Joanna now works as a Project Leader at the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries where she researches strawberry virology.

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