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Upskilling for a new career

Meet Marc

USC Counselling Graduate, now a counsellor in private practice.

Marc de Bruin

“I had to consider that I needed to continue working full-time, while studying part-time, earning enough to provide for my family, and simultaneously undertaking practical placements for university.”

Changing careers can be daunting – even if research tells us we will have between five to seven separate careers in our lifetime*. Marc had a career as a barrister and solicitor for nearly 10 years before changing direction and looking to practise counselling. After studying Counselling at USC, Marc was equipped with the practical client-based skills to provide consultations, but more than this he had gained experience and knowledge in developing materials, bookkeeping and compliance which are just as important. Marc currently works as a counsellor in private practice, as well as undertaking opportunities as a contractor for employee assistance programs and as a counselling supervisor.

*McCrindle Research, 2021

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