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Suicide prevention

Suicide is a critical public health problem worldwide. In Australia, five men and two women suicide every day. It is considered the leading cause of social burden in Australia.

Suicide is one of the most preventable forms of death. However, prevention is complex. Research shows that a successful prevention strategy needs to address this complexity through context specific multi-level interventions.

The Thompson Institute has developed a three-point strategy to address the problem of suicide across the Sunshine Coast. This strategy involves:  

  • Rolling out an evidence‐based, suicide-prevention program with community partners.
  • Developing a novel digital tool to improve community awareness and understanding of risk factors associated with suicide.
  • Conducting innovative research and clinical trials investigating the most promising pharmacological interventions for treating chronic suicidal ideation.
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Wellbeing of the Sunshine Coast survey

We are investigating the wellbeing of people on the Sunshine Coast and the availability of services when people need support for mental health concerns.

Women outside cafe
Thinking about mental illness

Evaluating a new way of thinking about mental illness.

Alliance for Suicide Prevention Sunshine Coast
The Alliance for Suicide Prevention - Sunshine Coast
Working with the community on an evidence-based suicide prevention program.
Clinical Trial - Novel Treatment of Suicidality
Clinic trial for chronic suicidal ideation.
Digital Tool for Suicide Prevention
Improving community awareness and understanding of the risk factors associated with suicide.
  • Louise Pemble, Engagement Officer (events, training and Alliance membership)
  • Professor Helen Stallman, Professorial Research Fellow (suicide prevention research and The Alliance for Suicide Prevention - Sunshine Coast project)
  • Megan Dutton, Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (clinical trial of a novel treatment of suicidality)
  • Tegan Schefe, Project Officer Indigenous Engagement and Suicide Prevention (Indigenous engagement, community program and research)