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Higher Degree Researchers 
Name Project title Program Year
Michelle Kennedy Combating Anxiousness for Learning Minds: the CALM study. PhD Commenced 2018
Glenn Holmes

Gatekeeper Training, Engagement, and Retention: Optimisation of a Community Suicide Prevention Intervention for the Health and Wellbeing of Gatekeepers and Beneficiaries.

PhD Commenced 2018
Cyrana Gallay Transcranial magnetic stimulation and oral ketamine combination for post-traumatic stress disorder (TMS-OK for PTSD). PhD Commenced 2018
Elise Berber  Towards an NPL future: Talent identification and development in football PhD Commenced 2018
Dash Sacks The longitudinal implications of structural connectivity in adolescence: Determining how white matter changes relate to the onset of mental disorder. PhD Commenced 2019
Daniel Jamieson  Looking at how decreased sleep in adolescents changes the brain. PhD  Commenced 2019 
Helen Hall Intergenerational Transmission: Examining the relationship between parental mental health and corresponding child development PhD Commenced 2019
Daisy Atwell

The role of diffusion weighted imaging in radiation therapy treatment planning and dose escalation of mucosal primary head and neck cancer.




Katelyn Cahill

Feasibility of using Diffusion Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging to guide salivary gland sparing Radiation Therapy for Head and Neck Cancer patients.

PhD Commenced 2019
Nathan Hearn Targeted radiotherapy dose escalation in neoadjuvant treatment of rectal adenocarcinoma using diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging PhD Commenced 2019
Daisy Atwell Functional Imaging Guided Radiation Therapy Dose Escalation in Head and Neck Cancer PhD Commenced 2019
Megan Dutton Stress, ketamine and mental disorder-does ketamine reduce the experience of stress in adults with chronic suicidality, TRD, and PTSD? PhD Commenced 2019
Amanda Boyes

Project title: Neurobiological markers for resilience in early adolescence: Developing phenotypes using measures of wellbeing, psychological distress, brain structure and chemistry

PhD Commence 2020
Grace Forsyth Oral Ketamine Trial on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (OKTOP). PhD Commenced 2020