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Stories of Moreton Bay

From the tranquil life of Bribie Island to the family-run businesses that dot the landscape around Burpengary and Caboolture - the We Are Moreton Bay project is about family, friends, community and exploring the natural wonders hidden in our backyard.

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Change by design: the fashion evangelist who's making a difference
13 Feb 2020

Moreton Bay to New York and back again.

Hairdressers with Hearts
17 Oct 2019

The not-for-profit organisation supports those facing family and domestic violence, including elder abuse, by harnessing the safe and trusted environment of a hairdressing salon and barber shop to give information and support for clients to link up with the right services and the right advice at the right time.

Saturday morning is for Cycling Club
17 Oct 2019

The Moreton Bay region is a cyclist’s paradise; meet the Moreton Bay Cycling Club members who love it.

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Meet Kate Robertson: Project Manager
17 Oct 2019

Meet USC Project Manager Kate Robertson.

Training dragons: a glimpse at dragon boat racing
12 Sep 2019

Spend a morning on the water in a Dragon Boat at Talobilla Park, Redcliffe.

Vet talking to client about treatment to dog in clinic
Animals of Moreton Bay
9 Jul 2019

Moreton Bay is a culturally rich and diverse region - a fact that's reflected in the variety of colourful animals owned by the residents of this sprawling landscape that is considered to be one of the most animal-friendly places in the state.

Jason Poole, Kenton Ross Funerals
Making a living from Moreton Bay's longest running funeral home
2 Jul 2019

When Jason Poole was a kid, he didn’t think much of his father’s profession.

Love at the twin cinemas
27 May 2019

For Naomi Alberti, her first visit to the Bribie Cinemas marked the start of a romance that led to a lifetime of love.

The twin cinema at Bribie
27 May 2019

When a 24-year-old Luke Warburton told his friends he was going to buy the Bribie Twin Cinema, they all told him he was crazy. Now four years later, Luke says he loves what he does and understands that Bribie Island is a very special place.

Simon Brown, owner, 5 o'clock shadow
5 o'clock shadow - Margate
20 May 2019

Spend a day in the life of 5 O’clock Shadow, hearing people’s stories and finding out what life is like living in Moreton Bay.

Rey, hair stylist, S+S Hair and Beauty
An afternoon at the salon
17 May 2019

We spent a afternoon with the staff and customers of S&S Hair and Beauty at North Lakes to hear about what they thought of the region they lived, worked and played in.

Life and death, and the environment with Matt Davis
17 May 2019

Watch how Matt Davis’ brush with death helped motivate him to leave the region a better place for generations to come.

Moreton Bay's hilly suburbs have mountains of love
15 May 2019

Encompassing the suburbs of Ferny Hills, Bunya, Arana Hills, Everton Hills, Eatons Hill and Albany Creek, the Hills District in Moreton Bay is full of small, quiet communities where the locals have big hearts.

Peek inside the Pine Rivers Men's Shed
15 May 2019

It may look like a standard tin-n-timber shed from the outside, but inside the Pine Rivers Men’s Shed is all heart - it's about mateship, community and most important of all, support.

Faces of Moreton Bay: Emma Brown
15 May 2019

As a psychology student living in Eatons Hill, Emma Brown understand the importance of having good access to education options.

Faces of Moreton Bay: Bronwyn Kwapil
15 May 2019

Bronwyn Kwapil never considered herself academic in high school.

Faces of Moreton Bay: Jay Nicholls
15 May 2019

I started my business in my father’s backyard at Aspley about 35 years ago with my brother-in-law and it just grew from there.

Andrew and Elizabeth Kurpiel
15 May 2019

From white winters in Germany to the lush English countryside and even the sun kissed island life in Trinidad – Andrew and Elizabeth Kurpiel have lived in many beautiful places around the world.

Faith, pumpkins and education
14 May 2019

Meet Sister Veronica, one of the founding members of St Michael’s College, Caboolture.

Return to Toorbul
14 May 2019

Moreton Bay is a patchwork of beautiful small towns and communities – and Toorbul, a particularly delightful seaside getaway, is no exception.

Woodford Correctional Centre
14 May 2019

Woodford isn’t just home to the largest music festival in Queensland – it’s also home to the largest prison in Queensland.

Pat Casperson
Memories of a teacher librarian
13 May 2019

For Patricia Casperson, it took 30 years to feel at home in the suburbs of Caboolture…but she's treasured that homely feeling ever since.

The bus-iness of family
13 May 2019

Hop on a board and meet The Websters, the family behind our own Kangaroo Bus Lines – an engine room of the region for the past 40 years.

Caboolture Aeroclub
13 May 2019

All manner of aircraft use the Caboolture Airfield.

The small town and the big festival: The story of Woodford
13 May 2019

When a group of folk music players met in the Sunshine Coast hinterland town of Maleny 34 years ago to reinvigorate the Queensland Folk Federation, they made some flighty plans. Led by rock and roll guitarist turned folk fiddle player, Bill Hauritz, the Federation planned to hold a small music festival to share their love of folk and traditional music.

Welcome to the most elegant op shop on Bribie Island
19 Mar 2019

Opportunity knocks and charity organisations throw open the door with enthusiasm. On beautiful Bribie Island, an oasis seemingly set adrift off a bushy bulge of mainland, opportunity shops abound. They are filled with things others have cherished.

Everything old is new again - giving new life to old homes
19 Mar 2019

It is the ultimate in recycling: taking old houses and giving them a second life in a new place. The practice is sustainable and affordable, as well as simultaneously new and old.