Paid parking FAQs

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Paid parking FAQs


General parking FAQs

  • Is there free parking on campus?
  • Does parking revert to being free during the semester breaks and summer holidays?
  • Who is required to pay?
  • Are disabled students and staff required to pay?
  • Are there enough disability bays on campus?
  • Are motorcyclists expected to pay for parking?
  • Where can I park my motorbike?
  • Are staff and students allowed to park in Car Park 1 (adjacent to the Innovation Centre)?
  • Why doesn't USC just create more parking spaces instead of charging for car parking?
  • Do other universities charge students and staff for parking?
  • How am I benefitting from the introduction of paid parking?
  • What other options are there for me to travel to and from University and what is USC doing to improve these options?
  • How does the cost of driving to the University compare with travelling by public transport?
  • I cannot afford to pay for parking, I am not classified as disabled, but I cannot walk as far as Claymore Road, do I need to pay for parking?
  • I believe my private special circumstances entitle me to be exempt from paying for parking. Who do I contact to put forward my case?

Cost FAQs

  • How much does parking cost?
  • Do I have to pay for the whole day if I plan on only attending for an hour lecture?
  • Why isn't the cost of parking subsidised by the Student Services Amenities Fee (SSAF)?
  • What are the methods of payment for parking?

Enforcement FAQs

  • Why will I be fined for not parking in an allocated bay?
  • What is in place to stop students just parking in the streets surrounding USC?
  • Who do I contact if I receive a parking infringement notice?
  • Under what circumstances will I be fined for parking at the University?
  • What happens if I don’t pay my infringement notice?

Infrastructure FAQs

ePermit FAQs

eTickets FAQs

Other FAQs - for visitors and tenants

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