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Dr Jacqueline Burgess

PhD (Mkgt) Sunshine Coast, BBus(Hons) Sunshine Coast, BArt/Bus Sunshine Coast, GCert TT&L Curtin, FHEA

  • Associate Lecturer in Marketing
07 5456 5485
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Sunshine Coast
Dr Jacqueline Burgess

Dr Jacqueline Burgess joined the Business School in February 2020. Her research focuses on narrative brands, which includes video games, television and movie series that exist as both creative works and products with consumer expectations borne out of a deep emotional attachment. Jacqueline’s research sits in that creative-commercial intersection and explores the consequences of consumer expectations and attachments. She has a particular interest in the marketing and brand management of video games and also explores the emotional attachments consumers develop to human and other digital media brands. Her work has been accepted by multiple journals and conferences including the European Journal of Marketing.

Jacqueline is also passionate about quality and engaging teaching and has gained qualifications in tertiary teaching. She believes teaching should focus on active learning and authentic activities.

Outside of her professional duties, Jacqueline enjoys playing video games and following tennis among other interests.

You can also visit Jacqueline at:

Professional memberships

  • Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC)
  • Academy of Marketing Science (AMS)
  • Digital Games Research Association (DIGRA)
  • Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA)
  • Higher Education Academy


  • Vice-Chancellor and President's Award for Excellence in Learning & Teaching (Sessional), USC, 2019
  • Australian Postgraduate Award, USC, 2015


  • Burgess, J., & Jones, C. (in press). Exploring the Forced Closure of a Brand Community That is Also a Participatory Culture. European Journal of Marketing, in press.
  • Burgess, J., & Jones, C. (2018). Media fans’ alignment with branding: A rich and under-explored research domain. Journal of New Business Ideas and Trends, 16(1), 1-15. Retrieved from http://www.jnbit.org/upload/JNBIT_1_Burgess_Jones_16(1)_2018_.pdf
  • Burgess, J., & Jones, C. (2017). “Is it too much to ask that we’re allowed to win the game?”: Character attachment and agency in the Mass Effect 3 Ending Controversy. Bulletin of Science Technology & Society, 37(1)146-158. doi: https://doi.org/10.1177%2F0270467618819685
  • Burgess, J., Spinks, W. & Sharma, B. (2017). The effect of a brand transgression on a politician’s brand resonance: The case of Kevin Rudd. Journal of Political Marketing. doi: 10.1080/15377857.2017.1407386
  • Loveday, P., & Burgess, J. (2017). Flow and Pokémon GO: The contribution of game level, playing alone, and nostalgia to the flow state. e-Journal of Social & Behavioural Research in Business, 8(2), 16-28. Retrieved from http://www.ejsbrb.org/upload/e-JSBRB_Loveday_Burgess_8(2)_2017.pdf

Research areas

  • narrative brands
  • human brands
  • brand crises
  • video games and digital media
  • emotional attachment to video games and digital media
  • game studies

Teaching areas

  • Marketing
  • Marketing communication
  • Brand management