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At UniSC, we believe in the power of education, research, and community impact. Join our vibrant team of dedicated professionals and talented academics who are committed to shaping the future through innovation and collaboration.

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We're young, vibrant, ambitious and one of the fastest growing universities in Australia. This is our culture.

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Working at UniSC is more than just a job, it’s a chance to join a community that is making a real difference.

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Explore our diverse academic roles: ongoing and fixed-term positions in research-focused fields, learning and teaching positions; from Academic Level A to Level E.

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UniSC offers ongoing and fixed-term professional opportunities; from marketing to student support, finance to IT, our professional staff ensure campus functionality and student success.

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At UniSC, our vibrant campuses thrive with opportunities for casual staff, from academic opportunities, to dynamic roles in our bustling cafes and event venues and beyond.


UniSC in the News

High-tech roo collars aim to prevent road accidents
10 Jun

In an effort to prevent road crashes between vehicles and wildlife, UniSC researchers are tracking roos with custom-made high-tech collars “to a degree of biomechanical accuracy not seen before” to better predict their hopping movements in different habitats.

Peat was historically mined overseas because it burns so well. But Australia’s subtropical peat bogs need fire to survive
4 Jun

Writing for The Conversation, Professor of Ecology Catherine Yule explores an Australian subtropical peatland ecosystem that's thriving because of bushfires.

Science graduate ‘paid’ to dive globe for a year
27 May

New University of the Sunshine Coast graduate Pablo Fuenzalida is scuba-geared up for an extraordinary year underwater as the only Australasian recipient of a coveted research scholarship backed by Rolex.

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Do work that matters, connect with great people, and contribute to the journey.