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For a better tomorrow

Tomorrow is an exciting place. It’s also a place full of unprecedented global challenges. With future-focused degrees, world-leading sustainability research and 5-star teaching,* we share our knowledge, experience and tools to create a better tomorrow for all.

*Good Universities Guide 2023/24

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UniSC is the second ranked public university in Australia and No. 1 in QLD* for overall educational experience. And we have a five-star rating for teaching!

New buildings open at UniSC Moreton Bay

It’s an exciting time to be part of UniSC Moreton Bay with the opening of three new buildings, providing more areas for students to study, collaborate and socialise.

Mum proves perseverance is in her DNA

Ruth persisted through health challenges, baby-brain and self-doubt to earn her degree in biomedicine, compelled by personal motivations to understand genetics.

Our rankings

Top 4% globally for 'Impact' THE Impact Rankings 2024
1st in Queensland for ‘Climate Action’ THE Impact Rankings 2024
1st in Queensland for 'Zero Hunger' THE Impact Rankings 2024
16th globally for 'Life Below Water' THE Impact Rankings 2024
Ancient skeletons prove little interbreeding in modern dingoes

DNA sourced from dingo bones predating the arrival of Europeans in Australia shows that modern dingoes retain much of their ancient genetic makeup, with little interbreeding with domestic dogs, according to a study involving the University of the Sunshine Coast.

When life gives you a wheelchair, find a basketball court

Steven Elliott was an active, sports-mad, 13-year-old schoolboy when a sudness illness left him paralysed; rather than falling into despair and thinking 'why me?', Steven made a conscious choice to make the very best of the hand he'd been dealt.