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Finding innovative solutions to real-world issues

Our research community is young, vibrant and collaborative with a track record of excellence in research performance.

We partner with industry, institutions and all levels of government to deliver innovative, high-quality research with real impact.

Research areas

World-class research institutes collaborate and broaden knowledge to provide solutions to some of the world's most pressing issues.

Close-up of AI brain and network
Thompson Institute

A world-class facility for mental health and neurological research, teaching, advocacy and clinical services.

Forest Research Institute

Making direct and meaningful contributions to the sustainability of our wooded landscapes through the work of the Forest Industries Research Centre. Tropical Forests and People Research Centre and National Centre for Timber Durability and Design Life

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USC's academics are available for comment on a range of topical issues.

Our research centres produce research of national and international significance.

Centre for Human Factors and Sociotechnical Systems

Leading research capability in the areas of Human Factors, Sociotechnical Systems, and Systems thinking.

Pacific Island landscape image
Australian Centre for Pacific Islands Research

Leading research for the Pacific Islands focusing on primary production, community health and the environment.

Genecology researchers have released a new eucalypt, Mt Beerwah mallee for urban koalas
GeneCology Research Centre

Contributing to society through innovation in creating knowledge and solutions using bio-inspired approaches, to improve societal outcomes. We support our ecosystem through conservation of biodiversity and heritage.

Indigenous and Transcultural Research Centre

Research for, with and by Indigenous, migrant, refugee and culturally diverse communities.

USC has diverse research concentrations and clusters across a variety of specialised fields.

Seaweed Research Group

Diverse experts researching uses for seaweed to create positive economic, social and environmental impacts.

USC Road Safety Research Collaboration

A strategic collaboration between the Queensland Government, the Motor Accident Insurance Commission and USC.

Sexual Violence Research and Prevention Unit

Understanding, preventing and responding to this complex problem, to reduce the extent and impacts of these crimes.

USC Detection Dog Bear and Dr Romane Cristescu
Detection Dogs for Conservation

Using detection dogs to protect Australia’s biodiversity.

Snorkeler taking a fish survey
Marine and Coastal Ecology

Research focused on ocean sciences and marine animal ecology.

Reef research
Global Change Ecology Research Group

Research on the impacts of anthropogenic change on biodiversity and ecosystems.

Sustainability Research Centre

Helping regions transition towards sustainability.

Main circuit board
Engage Research Cluster

Developing technologies such as computer games, social networking sites, apps and interactive experiences to find solutions to social issues.

Nutrition and Dietetics

Research in the discipline of Nutrition and Dietetics


Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine Group for Research Excellence.

Athlete testing
Sport and Exercise Science

Exercise, health and disease management and understanding and enhancing sport performance.

Land use planning and urban design
Bioclimatic and Sociotechnical Cities Lab (BASC Lab)

Enhancing the design and performance of public urban spaces with a focus on human centred design.

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Find an expert

With local and global expertise, USC academics can assist journalists on a variety of topics.

Specialist facilities in key locations supports teaching and innovative, collaborative research.

Sunshine Coast Health Institute

A world-class teaching and research facility located alongside the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital

K'Gari Fraser Island Research and Learning Centre

A research and learning centre on the World Heritage-listed Fraser Island

Let your research shine

Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Future Fellowships scheme supports research in areas of critical national importance by giving outstanding researchers incentives to conduct their research in Australia.

Research students

Explore research and development opportunities at USC.

Latest research news

USC Newsroom
Professor Jeanine Young, left, and PhD student Rebecca Shipstone
Disadvantage and adversity behind high sudden infant death rate
17 February 2021

Queensland’s first large-scale study of all sudden infant deaths to date has identified key factors contributing to the state’s persistently high annual death rate of babies.

Healthy ageing research has global potential
17 March 2021

USC’s increased research focus on healthy ageing could help the Sunshine Coast region become a key test environment for strategies that improve the lives of elderly people around the world.

Seaweed quadruples fish immunity, study finds
29 April 2021

USC scientists have found they can quadruple the immune response of farmed fish by adding powdered seaweed to their diet.

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