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As a public authority, the University of the Sunshine Coast is required to comply with the Right to Information Act 2009 (Qld). The Act is designed to give members of the public access to non-personal information held by the Queensland Government and its agencies, unless it is deemed contrary to the public interest to do so.

Accessing information

The University provides information about its operations and activities through a number of channels: its website, printed publications, public lectures and events. For ease of access, much of the University’s information is grouped together and made available through the Publication scheme below.

All information requests should be directed in the first instance to the University’s RTI & Privacy Coordinator:

RTI & Privacy Coordinator
Information Management Services - ML6
University of the Sunshine Coast
PO Box 5280

Email: RTI@usc.edu.au

Administrative release

Wherever possible, requests for information will be handled administratively and proactively, without the need for a formal Right to Information application.

For information not available through administrative release or the publication scheme below, a formal RTI application can be made.

Right to Information application

Formal right to information applications can be made using the Right to Information and Information Privacy Access Application form (PDF 166KB) and submitted with an application fee of $52.60. Applications will be considered and processed within the timeframes set out in the Right to Information Act 2009 (Qld), i.e. 25 business days. If third parties need to be consulted about the application, the University has 35 business days to process the request. Processing and access fees may apply.

If a request for particular information is refused, an applicant has the right to request, in writing, a review of the decision.

Publication scheme

Our publication scheme is grouped into seven classes of information that reflect the main functions of the University. As well as documents in PDF format, accessible text versions are available for key University publications such as Ignite magazine and the Annual Report. Printed copies of Annual Reports are also available on request to Marketing and Communications. Printed copies of programs guides and handbooks are available on request to Student Services and Engagement. No charges are made for these materials.

About us

Our services
Our finances
Our priorities
Our decisions
Our policies
Our lists

If any of the information sources listed above are not available, please contact the RTI and Privacy Coordinator.

Disclosure log

Our Disclosure log lists a summary of non-personal information released in response to applications made under the Right to Information Act.


RTI & IP applications should be directed to:

RTI and Privacy Coordinator
Information Services - ML6
University of the Sunshine Coast
PO Box 5280

Email: RTI@usc.edu.au

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