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Dr Linda Gallo

GradCertNut Deakin, PhD UM, GradCertResComm UM, BSci(Hons) UM

  • Lecturer
  • School of Health
+61 7 5456 3175
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Moreton Bay
Linda Gallo

Dr Linda Gallo joined the School of Health and Behavioural Sciences as a Lecturer in 2022. Linda was previously appointed as a UQ Amplify Lecturer at The University of Queensland (2020-2022) and an NHMRC/Heart Foundation Early Career Fellow at The University of Queensland (2016-2019) and Mater Research (2013-2016). She continues to hold an adjunct position at The University of Queensland.

Linda’s research interest is cardiometabolic disease and lifestyle factors that affect this, particularly in relation to nutrition and pregnancy. Linda’s PhD investigated how low birth weight affects kidney development and the increased risk of high blood pressure and kidney disease in adulthood. Her postdoctoral research focussed on a new drug class for diabetes mellitus, SGLT2 inhibitors, and its effects on kidney and heart function. In 2016, Linda established a research program which combines her broad areas of interest. This includes the assessment of diet, physical activity, and cardiometabolic health in undergraduate students, maternal dietary intake, nutrient status, and obstetric cardiometabolic outcomes, and the impact of COVID-19 lockdowns on preterm birth rates. She collaborates with numerous researchers and clinicians, including those interested in the impacts of adverse prenatal exposures such as alcohol, links between the maternal microbiome and pregnancy outcomes, and how diabetes is a risk factor for severe influenza and COVID-19.

Awards / Fellowships

  • UQ Amplify Fellowship (2020-2022)
    NHMRC/Heart Foundation Early Career Fellowship (2015-2019)
    Heart Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship (2013-2015)

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Research areas

  • Diabetes mellitus, kidney and cardiovascular complications
  • Nutrition in health and disease
  • Pregnancy and fetal programming

Teaching areas

  • Human Physiology
  • Cell Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Available for guest lectures in physiology, endocrinology, and nutrition

Dr Linda Gallo's specialist areas of knowledge include cardiometabolic health, nutrition, pregnancy and fetal programming

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