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Dr Robert Lamont

PhD Sunshine Coast, BSc Hons (Conservation Genetics) Sunshine Coast.

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow
0427 644 424
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Sunshine Coast
Robert Lamont


Dr Robert Lamont undertook his PhD in ecological genetics at the University of the Sunshine Coast investigating polyploidy, apomixis, hybridisation and cryptic speciation in an association of microspecies belonging to the genus, Allocasuarina (She-Oaks). Rob’s research as a molecular ecologist specialises in the development and characterisation of microsatellite markers, chloroplast and mitochondrial DNA sequencing, cytogenetics, and genetic data analysis, and is focused on the conservation genetics and fire ecology of threatened plant and animal species.


Key publications of Dr Rob Lamont's are available from the USC Research Bank.

Research areas

  • population genetics of threatened plant and animal species
  • microsatellite marker development
  • aquaculture – paternity and inbreeding studies
  • heathland and rainforest – conservation genetics and ecology
  • forestry and plant science

Teaching areas

  • Plant Structure and Function
  • Biodiversity Loss and Climate Change
  • Fire Ecology
  • Molecular Ecology

Dr Lamont specialist areas of knowlege include climate change, ecological genetics, plant structure, plant function, biodiversity loss, fire ecology, molecular ecology, conservation genetics, forestry science and plant science.

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