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Support for Students - Governing Policy

1. Purpose

1.1 This policy outlines the University’s commitment to supporting students to successfully complete their studies.

2. Scope and application

2.1 This policy applies to all students, including domestic, international, and those studying onshore and offshore, as well as students on work placement or study tours.

3. Definitions

3.1 Refer to the University’s Glossary of Terms for definitions as they specifically relate to policy documents.

4. Policy statement

4.1 The University is devoted to fostering a supportive environment conducive to the academic and personal development of students. In accordance with the Higher Education Provider Amendment (Support for Students Policy) Guidelines 2023, the University provides structures and resources to assist students to successfully complete the units of study for which they are enrolled.

5. Policy

5.1 Student suitability to study

5.1.1 The University is dedicated to assessing a student’s suitability to undertake and successfully complete study.

5.1.2 The University supports students throughout different stages of their University journey in accordance with the Admissions, Enrolments and Graduation - Academic Policy and Enrolments and Graduation – Procedures.

5.1.3 The University monitors student academic progress in accordance with the Monitoring Academic Progress – Academic Policy and Procedures and actively engages with students who are at risk of not successfully completing courses.

5.1.4 The University develops program assessments in accordance with the Assessment: Courses and Coursework Programs - Academic Policy and Assessment: Courses and Coursework Programs - Procedures, and Deferred Examinations - Procedures.

5.2 At risk students

5.2.1 The University provides additional support to students who are identified as at risk to enable the successful completion of their studies.

5.2.2 The University identifies at risk students in accordance with the Monitoring Academic Progress – Academic Policy and Procedures.

5.3 Support services for students

5.3.1 The University provides students a variety of support services and ensures that they can be provided with appropriate support in a timely manner when required.

5.4 Support for non-engaged students

5.4.1 The University proactively communicates with students when identified that students have not engaged in their studies.

5.5 Non-academic support for students

5.5.1 The University provides various non-academic support services for students, to assist them when needed throughout their studies.

5.6 Identifying students in need of support

5.6.1 The University identifies student in need of individual literacy, numeracy and other academic supports and ensures that these are readily available.

5.7 Academic adjustment arrangements and support

5.7.1 The University offers support to students, including academic adjustment arrangements, when students report non-academic issues placing them at risk of not completing their studies.

5.8 Other types of support

5.8.1 The University supports students through the implementation of student-led support programs.

5.9 Staff training and support

5.9.1 The University ensures all staff are trained to identify students at risk and respond appropriately to requests for support.

5.10 Critical incident and response support

5.10.1 The University implements crisis response plans in accordance with the Critical Incident Management - Governing Policy and Incident Management - Procedures.

5.10.2 The University provides detailed critical harm response arrangements through the implementation of the Anti-Discrimination and Freedom from Bullying and Harassment - Governing Policy, Conduct on University Premises - Operational Policy, Conduct on University Premises – Conditions of Entry, Health, Safety and Wellbeing - Governing Policy, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment and Respectful Relationships (Students) - Governing Policy and Procedures.

5.11 Age and culturally appropriate support

5.11.1 The University provides both academic and non-academic support in a way that recognises and embraces diversity through the Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2021- 2023.

5.11.2 The University supports students with a disability through the Student Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2021-2023 and in accordance with the Students with a Disability - Operational Policy.

5.11.3 The University supports students who have experienced sexual harm in accordance with the Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment and Respectful Relationships (Students) - Governing Policy and Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment and Respectful Relationships (Students) - Procedures.

5.12 Support process management

5.12.1 The University provides mechanisms to ensure that policy is based on best practice, principles of equity and that errors, outliers and opportunities for improvement can be identified and escalated.

5.12.2 The University supports students engaged in work integrated learning in accordance with the Work Integrated Learning – Academic Policy and Work Integrated Learning (Placement) - Procedures.

5.13 Support resourcing

5.13.1 The University provides students with adequate support resources for all students requiring support, adjusting these to meet with student demands.

5.13.2 The University details how this is achieved through its Workforce Planning Strategy.

5.14 Support staff skills

5.14.1 The University provides staff with appropriate support and training to be able to identify reasons why students are at risk and to be able to provide these students with support and guidance to enable them to succeed.

6. Summary of roles and responsibilities

6.1 Policy monitoring and review

6.1.1 The University monitors the implementation of this policy and review of the policy document must be completed annually.

6.2 Records management

6.2.1 All records in relation to incidents and support measures must be managed and stored in accordance with the Information Management Framework – Governing Policy and associated procedures.