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Students as Partners

UniSC students can engage in volunteer, leadership or representative partnership opportunities

The UniSC Students as Partners (SaP) is a volunteer program that enables UniSC students to participate in extra-curricular activities on campus or online.

SaP offers a range of flexible volunteer opportunities to help students to: 

  • build networks through new connections,
  • amplify the student voice,
  • improve the student experience,
  • develop qualities and skills to build graduate attributes, and
  • enhance employability.

The program is flexible to fit into busy student life, and students can register at any stage throughout their studies.

There are three volunteer roles- and students can choose to do some or all of them:

  • Volunteers who help at UniSC events (on-campus and online) and co-create projects
  • Leaders who share their study tips and advice to new students
  • Representatives who represent the student cohort in UniSC decision making
UniSC Student Leadership Award

By engaging with a number of extracurricular opportunities with the Students as Partners program and in wider community, students can also accrue points towards the Student Leadership Award.

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