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Australian Utility Pole Network

Join us as we look at ways forward in addressing the key challenges that face the energy sector and in particular the utility distribution networks.

We will look to international best practice and determine potential solutions and how these may be implemented in Australia.

If you are interested in joining the network please email Jeff Morrell

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Australian Utility Pole Conference 

The National Centre for Timber Durability and Design Life is pleased to host the annual Australian Utilities Pole Conference. The first conference was held in 2019 and welcomed up to 70 delegates to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland from across academia, government and largely the industry sectors across Australia.

With feedback provided by attendees we will be hosting this conference on an annual basis. This means that our next conference will be held in 2020.

Please email your interest to Jeff Morrell to receive updates on next years conference, for topic ideas, or if you are interested in being a presenter or conference delegate.

2019 Conference resources 

The National Centre for Timber Durability and Design Life hosted the inaugural Australian Utility Pole Conference (5-6, February 2019).

Almost 70 attendees representing Australian electric utilities, timber suppliers and inspection companies heard presentations about procuring, treating, maintaining and disposing of timber poles. The attendees also discussed research needs and how they might work cooperatively to address them. Copies of the presentations may be found at "2019 Australian Utility Pole Conference Resources".