Dr Kasha Strickland

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Dr Kasha Strickland


Postdoctoral Research Fellow

PhD Ecology and Evolution Sunshine Coast, MSc Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology Exeter, BSc (Hons) Conservation Biology and Ecology Exeter

+61 7 5459 4640
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Dr Kasha Strickland


Dr Kasha Strickland's research interests lie in how animal behaviour is shaped by the environment. In particular, Kasha is interested in how individuals might use information contained in their environment to make behavioural decisions, how individuals might vary in their ability to do this, and how all of this might be caused by genetic variation.

Dr Strickland is currently working in Dr Celine Frere's research group at USC as a postdoctoral research fellow, and is working across multiple longitudinal datasets to explore the fitness consequences and genomic mechanisms underlying social plasticity.

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Journal articles
  1.  Littleford-Colquhoun, B.L., Clemente, C., Cristescu, R., Strickland, K., Petterson, N., Stuart-Fox, D, Thompson, G. & Frère, C.H. The role of sexual and natural selection in driving sexual size dimorphism in agamid lizards (in press)
  2. Kent, N., Cristescu, R., Piza-Roca, C., Littleford-Colquhoun, B., Strickland, K. & Frère, C.H. Behavioural plasticity in city dragons may be helping embryos beat the heat. Journal of Urban Ecology (in press)
  3. Strickland, K., Patterson, E.M. & Frère, C.H. (2018) Density drives the use of alternative social strategies in eastern water dragons. Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology
  4. Piza-Roca, C., Strickland, K., Schoeman, D. & Frère, C.H. (2018) Dragons alter the type of social interactions they foster depending on their spatial position. Animal Behaviour
  5. Strickland, K. & Frère, C.H. (2017) Predictable males and unpredictable females: repeatability of sociability in Eastern water dragons. Behavioural Ecology
  6. Strickland, K., Levengood, A., Foroughirad, V., Mann, J., Krzyszczyk, E., & Frère, C. H. (2017) A framework for the identification of long-term social avoidance in longitudinal datasets. Royal Society Open Science
  7. Frère, C. H., Nugent, D. R., Littleford-Colquhoun, B., & Strickland, K. (2015) Intellagama lesueurii Eastern water dragon: Cannibalism. Herpetological Bulletin
  8. Strickland, K., R. Gardiner, A. J. Schultz & C. H. Frère (2014) The social life of eastern water dragons: sex differences, spatial overlap and genetic relatedness. Animal Behaviour
  9. Gardiner, R. Z., Doran, E., Strickland, K., Carpenter-Bundhoo, L. & Frère, C.H. (2014) A face in the crowd: a non-invasive and cost effective photo-identification methodology to understand the fine scale movement of eastern water dragons. PloS one
 Magazine articles
  1. Here be dragons (2017) Lateral magazine www.lateralmag.com/columns/ethograms/here-be-dragons
  2. Frere, Celine; Strickland, Kasha and Littleford-Colquhoun, Bethan. How to 'change' your dragon. Wildlife Australia, Vol. 55, No. 2, Jun 2018

Rethinking social phenotypes: personality, plasticity and the effect of the social environment on the social behaviour of eastern water dragons. PhD thesis, USC.

Research grants

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Funding body Amount


Answering novel questions of animal sociality through new techniques in social network analysis.

USC Faculty HDR Student Research Grant


C.Frere and K.Strickland

Is social plasticity heritable in the eastern water dragon?

USC Faculty ECR Research Grant  A$4,000
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