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Dr Min Zhao


USC Senior Research Fellow ; Senior Lecturer Geonomics

+61 7 5456 3402
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Dr Min Zhao


Dr. Min Zhao is a USC Senior Research Fellow focusing on bioinformatics and genomics. Dr. Zhao graduated from Peking University in 2009 with a PhD degree. With a solid bioinformatics and systems biology background, Dr Zhao was offered a Postdoctoral Research Fellow position at Vanderbilt University, USA. During this period, Dr. Zhao focused on the analysis and integration of high-throughput genomic, transcriptome, and literature data in complex diseases.

With interdisciplinary experience, Dr. Zhao joined USC as a USC Research Fellow in 2014. Dr. Zhao have led an emerging group to integrate multiple dimensional data generated (genome, transcriptome, and proteomics data) in the GeneCology Research Center. Since 2018, Dr. Zhao was promoted to USC Senior Research Fellow. Currently, Dr. Zhao primarily supervised 4 PhD students and co-supervised another 2 PhD at USC. Based on Google Scholar statistics, Dr. Zhao have co-authored 72 scientific publications with a total of 1600 citations. The five-year citation is above 1440 and H-index in five years is 20.

Dr. Zhao is in the editorial board member of PLoS One, Peer J, PeerJ computer science and has been invited to review manuscripts from those leading journals in bioinformatics field such as Nucleic acids research and Bioinformatics. He also has been appointed as Program Committee members for six international bioinformatics conferences.

Selected publications

  • Min Zhao, Xin Chen, Ge Gao, Louis Tao, Liping Wei. RLEdb: a database of Rate-Limiting Enzymes and their regulation in Human, Rat, Mouse, Yeast and E. coli. Cell Research (IF= 15.606), (2009) 19(6):793-795.
  • Anna R. Hemnes, Min Zhao (co-first author)et al. Critical Genomic Networks and Vasoreactive Variants in Idiopathic Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. (2016). American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine (IF=15. 239).
  • Min Zhao, P. Kim, R. Mitra, J. Zhao, Z. Zhao. (2016). TSGene 2.0: an updated literature-based knowledgebase for tumor suppressor genes. Nucleic Acids Research (IF = 11.561),44: D1023-1031.
  • Zhao M, Sun J, Zhao Z. TSGene: a web resource for tumor suppressor genes. Nucleic Acids Research (IF = 11.561), (2013) 41 (D1): D970-D976.
  • Hall MR, Kocot KM, Baughman KW, Fernandez-Valverde SL, Gauthier MEA, Hatleberg WL, Krishnan A, McDougall C, Motti CA, Shoguchi E, Wang T, Xiang X, Zhao M, Bose U, Shinzato C, Hisata K, Fujie M, Kanda M, Cummins SF, Satoh N, Degnan SM, Degnan BM. (2017) The crown-of-thorns starfish genome as a tool for biocontrol of a coral reef pest. Nature (IF= 40.137), (2017) 544(7649):231-234.
  • Zhao M, T. Wang, M. J. Stewart, U. Bose, S. Suwansa-Ard, K. B. Storey, S. F. Cummins. eSnail: A transcriptome-based molecular resource of the central nervous system for terrestrial gastropods. Mol Ecol Resour (IF=7.095) (2018) 18, 147-158.
  • M. Adema, L. W. Hillier, C. S. Jones, E. S. Loker, M. Knight, P. Minx, G. Oliveira, N. Raghavan, A. Shedlock, L. R. do Amaral, H. D. Arican-Goktas, J. G. Assis, E. H. Baba, O. L. Baron, C. J. Bayne, U. Bickham-Wright, K. K. Biggar, M. Blouin, B. C. Bonning, C. Botka, J. M. Bridger, K. M. Buckley, S. K. Buddenborg, R. Lima Caldeira, J. Carleton, O. S. Carvalho, M. G. Castillo, I. W. Chalmers, M. Christensens, S. Clifton, C. Cosseau, C. Coustau, R. M. Cripps, Y. Cuesta-Astroz, S. F. Cummins, L. di Stephano, N. Dinguirard, D. Duval, S. Emrich, C. Feschotte, R. Feyereisen, P. FitzGerald, C. Fronick, L. Fulton, R. Galinier, S. G. Gava, M. Geusz, K. K. Geyer, G. I. Giraldo-Calderon, M. de Souza Gomes, M. A. Gordy, B. Gourbal, C. Grunau, P. C. Hanington, K. F. Hoffmann, D. Hughes, J. Humphries, D. J. Jackson, L. K. Jannotti-Passos, W. de Jesus Jeremias, S. Jobling, B. Kamel, A. Kapusta, S. Kaur, J. M. Koene, A. B. Kohn, D. Lawson, S. P. Lawton, D. Liang, Y. Limpanont, S. Liu, A. E. Lockyer, T. L. Lovato, F. Ludolf, V. Magrini, D. P. McManus, M. Medina, M. Misra, G. Mitta, G. M. Mkoji, M. J. Montague, C. Montelongo, L. L. Moroz, M. C. Munoz-Torres, U. Niazi, L. R. Noble, F. S. Oliveira, F. S. Pais, A. T. Papenfuss, R. Peace, J. J. Pena, E. A. Pila, T. Quelais, B. J. Raney, J. P. Rast, D. Rollinson, I. C. Rosse, B. Rotgans, E. J. Routledge, K. M. Ryan, L. L. S. Scholte, K. B. Storey, M. Swain, J. A. Tennessen, C. Tomlinson, D. L. Trujillo, E. V. Volpi, A. J. Walker, T. Wang, I. Wannaporn, W. C. Warren, X. J. Wu, T. P. Yoshino, M. Yusuf, S. M. Zhang, M. Zhao, R. K. Wilson. Whole genome analysis of a schistosomiasis-transmitting freshwater snail. Nature Communication (IF = 12.353) (2017). 8, 15451.
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