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Associate Professor Colin Solomon

B.App.Sci.(Hon) UW, PhD Qld.

  • Associate Professor, Exercise Physiology
+61 7 5430 1128
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Sunshine Coast
Associate Professor Colin Solomon

Associate Professor Colin Solomon completed his undergraduate degree (B.App.Sci.) (Hon.) in Exercise Science at the University of Wollongong, and his postgraduate degree (PhD) in Respiratory Exercise Physiology at the University of Queensland. He completed his post-doctoral training in Inhalation Toxicology at the University of California, San Francisco and in Asthma Physiology at Harvard University.

Associate Professor Solomon subsequently had continuous academic appointments at the University of California, San Francisco, the Queensland University of Technology, and currently the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Associate Professor Solomon's research group investigates oxygen distribution and utilisation at the systemic, tissue, and molecular level in responses to physical exercise. Investigations include participants who are physically untrained and trained, across a range of ages, and from both genders. Techniques include spirometry, gas exchange, near infrared spectrometry (NIRS), and gene expression (quantitative PCR).

The group welcome enquiries from undergraduate, honours, postgraduate and post-doctoral students and researchers.

PhD Opportunities in Exercise Physiology

The University of the Sunshine Coast (Queensland Australia), through the School of Health and Behavioural Science, is seeking expressions of interest from potential Doctoral candidates in the area of Exercise Physiology.

Projects are currently being offered across a broad range of topics, including sports performance, clinical exercise physiology, and integrated systems physiology (eg cardiovascular and respiratory). Expressions of interest will remain open throughout the year and enquiries are welcome from eligible Honours, Masters, PhD, and Postdoctoral candidates.


Research areas

  • oxygen distribution and utilisation during exercise (oxy-haeomoglobin and deoxy-haemoglobin in muscle and brain)
  • inhalation toxicology and exercise (air pollution)
  • asthma epigenetics and exercise (epithelial asthma)

Teaching areas

  • Physiology (Exercise)
  • Research Methods (Honours)
  • Research Skills (Postgraduate)

Associate Professor Solomon's specialist areas of knowledge include exercise physiology and toxicology.

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