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Dr Bruno Bašić`


  • Lecturer, School of Education and Tertiary Access
+61 7 5456 5913
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Sunshine Coast
Bruno Basic

Bruno started working as lecturer within the School of Education and Tertiary Access at the start of 2020. He teaches biology, chemistry, and mathematics. Occasionally, he even teaches them correctly.

Prior to the University of the Sunshine Coast, he worked as a chemistry tutor and laboratory demonstrator at the University of Canberra. Before Canberra, he was a district relief teacher in rural Queensland. There are stories he could tell, but not many would believe them. In addition to being exposed to the various school germs, he was exposed to herbicides while working as a chemistry researcher at Bayer in Germany.

Before that, he was a post-doctoral researcher at the Curtin University working on a possible treatment for osteoarthritis. Prior to heading out west, he worked on a carbon-sequestration method at the University of Queensland. He spent his enjoyable PhD years working on colourful porphyrins at the Queensland University of Technology.

In his spare time he plots to take-over a tropical island and relaxes by composing the accordion aria that will rival the theme from the greatest love-movie of all times – Robocop. The original of course, not that wishy-washy remake.

Research areas

  • Enabling Education
  • Chemistry Education
  • Mathematics Education

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