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Dr Cherise Addinsall

PhD Southern Cross University

  • Researcher
  • Consultant
Sunshine Coast
Cherise Addinsall

Dr Cherise Addinsall is an Adjunct Research Fellow with the Australian Centre for Pacific Islands Research and a strategic mentor with the NGO Regenerative Vanua. Her research focuses on regenerative agritourism, and sustainable and regenerative tourism policy and planning to support wellbeing and meaningful engagement of Indigenous people in tourism in Pacific Island countries. She uses an iterative and interdisciplinary approach to research which builds on local knowledge and understanding of existing situations within the target communities. Her approach supports community decisions regarding livelihoods and development and includes taking the needs of women/other genders and vulnerable groups into account, leading to informed, more sustainable, and just outcomes.

Cherise is a trainer for the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) and the Director of Sustainable Islands States specialising in sustainable livelihoods options for small island states.

  • Team recipient of the 2022 Island Innovation Award for “Most Transformative Government Sustainability Initiative”, for The Food Tourism and Agritourism Initiative. This Clinton Global Initiative recognises individuals, organisations and projects driving positive change for remote and island communities globally
  • The  2012 Judith McGilvray Memorial Prize for best academic performance in the Bachelor of Environmental Tourism Management
  • The 2012 Lismore City Council Mayoral Prize for Waste Related Studies
  • Southern Cross University Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement 2012

Research areas

  • Agritourism
  • Capacity Building
  • Regenerative agritourism
  • Sustainable tourism policy and planning
  • Regenerative tourism
  • Pacific Islands
  • Small Island states
  • Participatory community livelihoods and development
  • Agroecology
  • Sustainable development
  • Rural livelihoods
  • Vanuatu