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Dr Dale Lovell

PhD Griff., BExSc(Hons) Griff.

  • Senior Lecturer, Exercise Science
  • School of Health
+61 7 5459 4464
Office location
Sunshine Coast
Dale Lovell

Dr Dale Lovell's interests are in the development of strength, power and speed for individual athletes and team sports. These interests stem from his performances as a national representative in 800-metre athletics, rugby union and more recently powerlifting.

Dr Lovell has been able to use the latest sport science technology together with practical strength and conditioning principles to develop programs that have enabled athletes to maximise their sporting performances. His research also includes the utilisation of exercise physiology and strength and conditioning components to improve the health and physical ability of special populations, in particular older Australians.

Potential Research Projects for HDR & Honours Students

  • sports performance
  • clinical exercise physiology
  • integrated systems physiology (eg cardiovascular and respiratory)

Research areas

  • strength and power training
  • individual and team speed development
  • anaerobic and aerobic conditioning

Teaching areas

  • Exercise Physiology I and II
  • Exercise Testing and Programming
  • Performance Enhancement

Program coordinator

Dale's specialist areas of knowledge include strength and power training, individual and team speed development, anaerobic and aerobic conditioning, performance enhancement, exercise testing and programming, exercise physiology

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