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Dr Jolanta Watson

PhD (Science) Griffith, BSc Griffith

  • Senior Lecturer, Science
  • HDR Coordinator, SSTE
Fraser Coast

Dr Jolanta Watson is a biophysical and material scientist (utilizing multi-disciplinary science) interested in probing the functions of materials found in nature and their potential in solving human problems. Dr Watson has expertise in Scanning Probe Microscopy (with two books published on this subject), surface science, nanoscience, biophysics, biomimetics and biology/entomology, with a focus on the micro/nano scale.

Dr Watson has been research active since her undergraduate years, volunteering in a research laboratory in her second year of  her BSc degree at Griffith University. Jola's strong commitment to research is evidenced by her co-publication of five book chapters, over 60 refereed publications, over 40 conference presentations and three invited magazine publications.

Dr Watson is a very firm believer that complexity such as that found in Nature is best investigated in a collegial and collaborative setting, utilizing a multi-faceted approach.

Program coordinator

Dr Jola Watson's specialist areas of knowledge include scanning probe microscopy, surface science, nanoscience, biophysics, biometrics and biology/entomology.

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