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Dr Madaline Healey

AdvDipAg Melb., BAgSc (Hons) Melb., PhD CQUniversity

  • Research Fellow
  • Forest Research Institute
+61 7 5456 3452
Office location
SD B.G.03
Sunshine Coast
Dr Madaline Healey

Madaline is an entomologist with a research focus on integrated pest management and biological control in agroecosystems. Madaline is involved in international forestry and agricultural development research in SE Asia and Africa. She is passionate about working with local growers and plant protectionists to protect forest and agricultural landscapes through the development of forest biosecurity systems. Madaline studied a Bachelor of Agricultural Science before stepping into a PhD and landing in Laos as an entomologist in 2014. She has been at the University of the Sunshine Coast since 2015, where she is involved in agricultural research for development projects in the forestry space with a strong focus on extension in SE Asia.

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Research Grants

Project name Investigators Funding body Year Focus
Management of Acacia decurrens pests and diseases in Ethiopia M. Healey
S. Lawson
Australian Centre for International Research (ACIAR) 2022-2023 Determine the key pests and pathogens of A. decurrens and test the efficacy of IPM options
Building an effective forest biosecurity network in SE Asia M. Healey
S. Lawson
R. Warman
Australian Centre for International Research (ACIAR) 2022-2025 Establish a forest health and biosecurity network to improve risk management for invasive pests
Scoping for a forest biosecurity network in SE Asia M. Healey
S. Lawson
M. Glenn
Australian Centre for International Research (ACIAR) 2020-2021 Understand the gaps in forest biosecurity knowledge and capacity across SE Asia 
Residential IPM workshop for smallholder farmers in Savannakhet, Laos L. Burgess
M. Healey
K. Ireland
Australian ASEAN Council, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2017-2018 Develop pest management capacity of smallholder farmers
Facilitating development of smallholder agroforestry in Lao PDR and Cambodia M. Healey Australian ASEAN Council, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2017-2018 Farming system diversification using agroforestry principles
Insect identification and IPM in Laos M. Healey
L. Burgess
The Crawford Fund 2015 Identifying pest of vegetables, Lao PDR

Research areas

  • Integrated pest management
  • Biological control
  • Forestry and horticulture research, Southeast Asia
  • Forest biosecurity
  • Extension and capacity building

Research Publications

  • Healey MA, Warman R, Mohammed C & Lawson SA. 2023. Acacia and eucalypt plantation biosecurity in Southeast Asia- a history, and directions for future research and engagement, Australian Forestry
  • Healey MA, Lawson SA, Somany S, Wattanachai T & Ngoc QD. 2022. Forest biosecurity laws in South-East Asia: a review, International Forestry Review
  • Healey MA, Senior L, Brown PH & Duff J. 2017. Relative abundance and temporal distribution of adult Frankliniella occidentalis (Pergande) and Frankliniella schultzei (Trybom) on French bean, lettuce, tomato and zucchini crops in relation to crop ag, Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology
  • Senior L, Healey MA & Wright CL. 2016. The role of spiders as predators of two lepidopteran Brassica pests, Austral Entomology

Dr Madaline Healey's specialist areas of knowledge include experience in population dynamics research of insect pests in agro–ecosystems. Madaline also has experience in developing and running Train-the-Trainer workshops on insect identification and IPM programs in developing countries

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