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Dr Mohammad Reza Ghaffariyan

PhD (Forest Engineering) University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (BOKU) Vienna, MSc (Forestry) Tehran, BSc (Forestry) Tehran

  • Research Fellow (Forestry)
+61 7 5456 5447
Office location
SD B.1.54
Sunshine Coast
Dr Mohammad Ghaffariyan


Mohammad has extensive research background in forestry. He led several forest operation research projects in native forests of Iran from 2002 to 2005. He then worked at BOKU Vienna University from 2005 to 2010 as a research assistant and Postdoctoral Fellow, exploring efficiency and cost of forest biomass utilisation in Austria being one of the leading countries in forestry and bioenergy. In April 2010 he was appointed as a Research Fellow at the University of Tasmania to lead the forest operations and biomass harvesting projects. In May 2012 Mohammad was offered a research position at the University of the Sunshine Coast to investigate the efficient and sustainable timber harvesting operations and forest biomass utilisation systems which have resulted in significant economic saving and environmental benefits for the Australian forest industry.

Mohammad has published more than 65 research articles in various peer-reviewed journals and forestry conferences. He also serves as a reviewer to different international forestry journals.

Professional Memberships 

Council of Forest Engineering (COFE)

International Union of Forest Organization (IUFRO)

Forest mechanization (FORMEC)

European Journal of Forest Engineering - editorial board member

Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering - international editorial board member

Australian Journal of Forestry - editorial panel member

Potential Research Projects for HDR & Honours Students

Evaluating the quality and quantity of woody waste for sustainable bioenergy usage

Assessment of forest harvesting residues in Sunshine Coast plantations

Smart phone application for productive forest operations

Sustainable systems for safe and productive timber harvesting operations

Research areas

  • Forest harvesting planning and optimisation
  • Timber transportation planning
  • Biomass harvesting technology
  • Minimisation of environmental impacts of harvesting operations
  • Forest road network planning

Teaching areas

  • Forest Operation Management

Top 5 Research Publications

Ghaffariyan, M.R., Brown, M., Acuna, M., Sessions, J., Gallagher, T., Kühmaier, M., Spinelli, R., Visser, R., Devlin, G., Eliasson, L., Laitila, J., Laina, R., Iwarsson Wide, M., Egnell, G. 2017. An international review of the most productive and cost effective forest biomass recovery technologies and supply chains. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews 74: 145-158

Ghaffariyan, M.R., Acuna, M., Brown, M. 2013. Analysing the effect of five operational factors on forest residue supply chain costs: A case study in Western Australia. Biomass and Bioenergy 59: 486- 493
Ghaffariyan, M.R., Sessions, J., Brown, M. 2013. Roadside chipping in a first thinning Operation for Radiata Pine in South Australia. Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering 34 (1): 91-101
Ghaffariyan, M.R., Spinelli, R., Brown, M. 2013. A model to predict productivity of different chipping operations. Southern Forests: a Journal of Forest Science 75 (3): 129–136
Ghaffariyan, M.R., Stampfer, K., Sessions, J. 2010. Optimal road spacing of cable yarding using a tower yarder in Southern Austria. European Journal of Forest Research 129(3): 409-416

Dr Mohammad Ghaffariyan’s specialist area of knowledge include sustainable forest management, forest harvesting planning and optimisation, timber transportation planning, forest biomass utilisation for bioenergy purposes, and forestry road network planning.

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