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Dr Susan Rayment-McHugh

  • Senior Lecturer, Criminology and Justice
  • School of Law and Society
+61 7 5459 4573
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Moreton Bay
Sue Rayment-McHugh

Dr Susan Rayment-McHugh is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Justice and Program Coordinator for the Bachelor of Criminology and Justice in the School of Law and Society. She is also a Co-Leader of the Sexual Violence Research and Prevention Unit at UniSC. She has a PhD in Criminology and a Masters Degree in Psychology (Forensic).

Susan is also a forensic practitioner with over 26 years' clinical and research experience in the sexual violence and abuse field. Prior to moving to an academic role, she held leadership positions at Griffith University's Griffith Youth Forensic Service, focused on assessing and treating youth sentenced for serious or violent sexual offences, and at the Neighbourhoods Project, a contextual prevention initiative in Far North Queensland.

Susan's current clinical and research interests include a focus on understanding and preventing endemic sexual violence and abuse, including in Australian Indigenous communities and youth serving institutions; treatment programs for diverse populations; and on program evaluation using realist methods. She is widely consulted, and presents nationally and internationally, on prevention and intervention services. Susan is a member of UniSC’s Indigenous and Transcultural Research Centre, a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and an Associate Editor for the Journal of Sexual Aggression.

Board appointments

  • Laurel Place, Board member (2019 - ongoing)
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Sexual Aggression


  • ANZSOC Award for Teaching Excellence 2020, awarded to the USC Criminology and Justice Teaching Team
  • ANZSOC David Biles Correctional Research Award 2020, awarded to the Sexual Violence and Prevention Unit Research Team for research report: The effectiveness of sexual offender rehabilitation and reintegration programs: Integrating global and local perspectives.
  • Fellow, Advance HE (Higher Education Academy), UK, 2019 - current
  • Vice- Chancellor and President's Award for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, University of the Sunshine Coast, 2019
  • Under Susan’s leadership, the Griffith Youth Forensic Service was the 2014 Australian Crime & Violence Prevention Award national winner.

Professional Social Media

Potential research projects for HDR and Honours students

  • Understanding and preventing sexual violence and abuse
  • Sexual and violent offending behaviour
  • Program evaluation

Research grants

Grant / Funding Body

Project Name




University of Newcastle

Evaluation of the ‘Name Narrate Navigate’ Pilot Program for Youth Perpetrators of Domestic and Family Violence

Rayment-McHugh & McKillop



Stop it Now! UK & US

Assessing Future Directions for Stop It Now! in the UK, US, and Beyond

McKillop & Rayment-McHugh



Queensland Police Service

Evaluation of the ‘JTYoutGotThis’ Program

Rayment-McHugh & Moir



Dept. Children, Youth Justice & Multicultural Affairs

Cairns Youth Sexual Violence Support Services – Evaluation

McKillop, Rayment-McHugh, Christensen, Adams



Save the Children Australia

Informing Child-Safe Practice from a Contextual Lens

McKillop, Rayment-McHugh, Christensen



Daniel Morcombe Foundation

Evaluation of Daniel Morcombe Foundations Changing Futures Project

Christensen, Rayment-McHugh, McKillop



Queensland Corrective Services

Re-Write the Sexual Offending Program Indigenous Males (SOPIM) including Practice Guidelines and a training package for staff delivering the Program

Rayment-McHugh (project leader), McKillop, Bennett, Christensen, & Campbell



Queensland Police Service

'What Works in Policing: Managing Child Sex Offenders

Christensen, Rayment-McHugh & McKillop



Life Without Barriers 

Enhancing risk assessment for preventing child sexual abuse: An evaluation of Life Without Barriers 'train the trainer' program

Rayment-McHugh, McKillop &Christensen



Australian Institute of Criminology

'LEADing evidence-informed Child Exploitation Material (CEM) Reduction'

Rayment-McHugh, Christensen, McKillop, Moritz, Burton, Munro, Jones, Prenzler & Lacey, in partnership with Queensland Police Service



Queensland Corrective Services Grant Scheme

The effectiveness of sexual and violent offender rehabilitation and reintegration programs: Integrating global and local perspectives to enhance correctional outcomes


Nadine McKillop, Susan Rayment-McHugh, Lara Christensen, Tim Prenzler



Queensland Corrective Services

Evaluation Framework for therapeutic interventions delivered within a forensic context


Nadine McKillop, Susan Rayment-McHugh



Queensland Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships

Neighbourhoods Project

Susan Rayment-McHugh



Commonwealth Department of the Prime Minister & Cabinet

Evidence informed prevention of youth perpetrated sexual violence and abuse: ‘Realist’ implementation and evaluation [in two Indigenous communities] (Neighbourhoods Project)


Stephen Smallbone, Susan Rayment-McHugh, Dimity Smith, Troy Allard, Anna Stewart, Ross Homel, Richard Wortley, Nick Tilley, Donald Findlater



Criminology Research Council

A comparison of individual, situational and ecological factors associated with adolescence-onset and adult-onset sexual offences against children


Nadine McKillop, Stephen Smallbone, Susan Rayment-McHugh



Queensland Department of the Premier & Cabinet

Preventing Youth Sexual Violence and Abuse [in two Indigenous communities]

Stephen Smallbone, Susan Rayment-McHugh, Dimity Smith



Griffith University Strategic Development Grant

Preventing Youth Sexual Violence and Abuse [in two Indigenous communities]

Stephen Smallbone, Susan Rayment-McHugh



Research areas

  • understanding and preventing sexual violence and abuse
  • assessment and treatment of sexual and violent offenders
  • endemic sexual violence
  • responding to sexual violence and abuse in Australian Indigenous Communities
  • place-based prevention models
  • best practice clinical models for remote Indigenous community contexts
  • program evaluation using a realist framework
  • situational prevention of child sexual abuse
  • child safe organisations

Teaching areas

  • Youth Justice
  • Diversity, Crime and Justice
  • Punishment and Corrections
  • Professional Placement
  • Professional Development
  • Working with Victims and Offenders
  • Christensen, L.S., Rayment-McHugh, S., Prenzler, T., Chiu, Y., & Webster, J. (2021). The theory and evidence behind law enforcement strategies that combat child sexual abuse material. International Journal of Police Science and Management. https://doi.org/10.1177/14613557211026935
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  • Rayment-McHugh, S., Adams, D., Wortley, R., & Tilley, N. (2015). ‘Think Global Act Local’: A place based approach to sexual abuse prevention. Crime Science, 4, 22.
  • Rayment-McHugh, S., Smallbone, S., & Tilley, N. (2015). Endemic Sexual Violence and Abuse: Contexts and Dispositions. International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, 4, 2, 111-124.
  • Tilley, N., Rayment-McHugh, S., Wardell, M., Smallbone, S., Smith, D., Allard, T., Wortley, R., Findlater, D., Stewart, A. & Homel, R. (2014). On being realistic about reducing the prevalence and impacts of youth sexual violence and abuse in two Australian Indigenous communities. Learning Communities: International Journal of Learning in Social Contexts - Special Issue: Evaluation, 14, 6-27.

Dr Susan Rayment-McHugh’s specialist areas of knowledge include understanding, preventing, and responding to sexual violence and abuse. Her research focuses on evidence-informed treatment interventions for youth and adults, primary and secondary prevention initiatives, with a particular interest in contextual prevention approaches, and on program evaluation using realist methods.

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