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Dr Tamara Sysak

Phd Melb., MEnvMgt NE, BAdmin (Hons) James Cook

  • Research Assistant
+61 7 5456 3796
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Room 16, Level 1, Thompson Institute, 12 Innovation Parkway, Birtinya
USC Thompson Institute

Dr Tamara Sysak joined the School of Social Sciences at USC in February 2016 in the role of research assistant with the Adolescent Risk Research Unit (ARRU).

Tamara began work with ARRU in February 2016 managing a project that aims to improve young learner driving training and hence reduce their crash risk. As newly-licensed young drivers are over-represented in road trauma in Australia, the project seeks to develop a best-practice model to enable professional instructors to teach higher-order skills, such as hazard perception, to young learner drivers. Tamara is an interdisciplinary researcher with over 14 years research and policy experience in government, academic and corporate sectors. With prior experience in hazard and risk perception, Tamara was drawn to this project as it enables her to work in the field of applied social psychology with a focus on adolescent risk, complementary to her current studies in social work.

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Selected research publications by Tamara include:

Beilin, R., Reichelt, N. and Sysak, T. 2013, Resilience in the transition landscapes of the peri-urban: from 'where' with 'whom' to 'what', Urban Studies, Special Issue Article: Governing for Urban Resilience, 1–17, DOI: 10.1177/0042098013505654

Beilin, R., Sysak, T. and Hill, S. 2012, Farmers and perverse outcomes:  the quest for food and energy security, emissions reduction and climate adaptation. Global Environmental Change. 22:pp. 463–471.

Hernández-Jover, M, Gilmour, J., Schembri, N., Sysak, T., Holyoake, P.K., Beilin, R., Toribio, J.A. 2012, Use of stakeholder analysis to inform risk communication and extension strategies for improved biosecurity amongst small-scale pig producers, Prev Vet Med, 104 (3-4):pp. 258-70. doi: 10.1016/j.prevetmed.2011.12.006

Beilin, R., Hill, S. and Sysak, T. 2011. Where is the coherent response to climate change and peak oil? An examination of policy and practice affecting agriculture in regional Australia. International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food, 18:3 (2011), pp. 199–216. http://ijsaf.org/contents/18-3/beilin/index.html 

Gilmour, J., Beilin, R. and Sysak, T. 2011, Biosecurity risk and peri‐urban landholders – using a stakeholder consultative approach to build a risk communication strategy, Journal of Risk Research, 14:3, pp. 281–295.

Research areas

  • applied social psychology (road safety)
  • young drivers
  • risky adolescent behaviour
  • graduated driver licensing and other interventions to improve young driver road safety including driver education and training