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Dr Tracey Sempowicz

PhD Qld.UT, MEd (Leadership and Management) Qld.UT, Bachelor of Education (BEd) BCAE, (DipT) BCAE

  • Lecturer in Education
  • School of Education and tertiary Access
+61 7 5430 2953
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Moreton Bay
Tracey Sempowicz

Dr Tracey Sempowicz joined USC in January 2018, and is lecturing in the areas of Human Development and Learning, Inclusive Education and Professional Experience.

In 2017, Tracey was awarded Senior Fellow, Higher Education Academy (SFHEA), and her PhD qualification through QUT. Tracey was employed by QUT, lecturing in Inclusive Education, Child and Adolescent Development and Learning, Sociology and Education for 10 years. Tracey has extensive secondary teaching and middle management experience across several key learning areas in schools (Business, English, Technology, Arts, Middle School). She has taught at University in both primary and secondary undergraduate programs since 2007.

Tracey’s PhD employed an interpretive qualitative research design using focus group interviews, a multi-case study (of 10 adoptive families) and document and drawing analysis. Conceptual understandings of attachment and trauma, childhood development and social constructionism formed the framework for data analysis.

Tracey has worked on two collaborative research teams (QUT/USC) to achieve grant outcomes (1) DET Horizon grant led by Dr Judith Howard (QUT) titled “Requirements for a state-wide framework for Trauma-Informed Practice (TIP) in Queensland Schools”. (2) She is currently working on: (2) Research Potential Grant led by Dr Mallihai Tambyah (QUT), titled: “Students affected by complex trauma: the role of teachers’ professional agency in implementing curriculum”.



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Research areas

  • attachment and trauma
  • inclusive education
  • child development and learning

Teaching areas

  • Human Development and Learning
  • Professional Experience: Role of the Teacher
  • Individual Learner Needs
  • Diversity and Inclusion

Dr Tracey Sempowicz teaches in the areas of Human Development and Learning and Inclusive Education. Her research focuses are on inclusive practices which support the diverse needs of students, particularly those from trauma backgrounds. Her research to date is underpinned by theories about human development and learning, attachment and complex trauma, with an emphasis on trauma-informed practices in schools. Previously she taught at the Queensland University of Technology for 10 years where she attained accreditation as a HEA Senior Fellow (SFHEA). Prior to her academic career, Tracey worked as a Head of Department in 5 Queensland secondary schools across a range of curriculum areas (Business, Art, Music, Home Economics, Manual Arts, Middle School) over a 25-year period.

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