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Dr Yuchan Zhou

PhD Newcastle(NSW); Master of Science Chinese Academy of Science, China

  • Research Fellow
+61 7 5456 5142 or 0451 083 247
Office location
Based at Ecosciences Precinct at Dutton Park
Sunshine Coast
Yuchan Zhou


Dr Yuchan Zhou is a plant scientist with interest in the genetic and environmental control of plant development. Her recent research includes functional genomics of nutrient accumulation in developing fruits and seeds, the biology and management of postharvest food loss, stress tolerance, epigenetics and genetic manipulation for disease resistance and production of biocommodities.

Yuchan obtained her Master degree in Plant Physiology from South China Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Science before completing her Ph.D in Molecular Biology and Food Technology from University of Newcastle. She conducted post-doctoral research at University of Newcastle and Queensland University of Technology. She also holds a Research Fellow position at the University of Queensland.

Current projects

The current research focus is to improve climate resilience of tropical fruit trees in the windstorm regions through development of low tree form tree crops. Owing to the continuing trend of global climate change in the tropical regions, the success of a species as a sustainable crop for food supply is compromised by frequent and intense hurricane-force windstorms. The project aims to develop wind-resistant tree crops to support the Pacific fruit industry. The research topics include 1) investigating the diversity and molecular basis of tree architecture, 2) development of dwarfing markers for early selection of dwarf phenotype, and 3) identification of dwarfing rootstocks. The project collaborates with geneticists, physiologists and agronomists across national and international institutes.

Research areas

  • genetic and environmental control of plant development
  • nutrient transport and accumulation in plant
  • postharvest biology and fruit loss control
  • stress tolerance and disease resistance
  • genetic manipulation for production of biocommodities
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