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Louise Pemble

Master of Strategic Comms Canberra

  • Engagement Officer, Thompson Institute
USC Thompson Institute
Louise Pemble

Louise specialises in linking the Thompson Institute with the community by developing new engagement activities and building relationships across the Sunshine Coast. She works with a diverse range of stakeholders including schools, businesses, trial participants, advisory groups and members of the Alliance for Suicide Prevention – Sunshine Coast.

Her goal is to see meaningful participation in the Institute’s research and mental health awareness programs, to create a safer Sunshine Coast.

Louise is an experienced communication professional and facilitator, who has dedicated her career to promoting community well-being, including in health charities, federal and local government and as a health journalist. Her main areas of interest are building safer communities that support vulnerable people and destigmatising mental health through research and community awareness.

Louise holds a Master of Strategic Communication degree from the University of Canberra and loves finding new ways to engage with others.

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Engagement Australia Excellence Awards, Community Engagement 2021 (awarded to The Alliance for Suicide Prevention)

Louise Pemble’s specialist areas of knowledge include strategic communication and journalism. Her role is to develop and promote new ways of engaging with the community and to build on existing Thompson Institute engagement on all levels - community, individuals, industry and key stakeholders including members of the Alliance for Suicide Prevention, Sunshine Coast

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