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Taliah Prince

BPharmSci (Hons), B HumanNutr

  • Research Assistant
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UniSC Thompson Institute
Taliah Prince

Taliah Prince is a Ph.D. candidate (Youth Mental Health) and Research Assistant on the Longitudinal Adolescent Brain Study (LABS), a ground-breaking youth mental health research project conducted at the Thompson Institute. As part of her role, Taliah is heavily involved in a range of research activities on LABS, including administration, participant assessments, data analysis and associated publications.

Taliah is passionate about the prevention of mental health concerns in adolescents, with a specific interest in the field of social media, body image, and eating disorders. As such, Taliah’s Ph.D. project aims to investigate the neural correlates of cyberbullying, body image, eating disorders, and adolescent brain development. Findings from this research have the potential to aid in the development of comprehensive prevention and early intervention models for cyberbullying, body image disturbances and eating disorder in adolescents.

As part of her Ph.D., Taliah is heading up a research project (as an extension of LABS) that utilises functional MRI to examine how the adolescent brain is activated in response to witnessing body image-related cyberbullying, and how this may impact body image outcomes in this vulnerable population.


Taliah Prince, Larisa McLoughlin, Jim Lagopoulos, Rosiel Elwyn and Daniel Hermens, 2022 'The neural correlates of socio-cognitive factors and eating disorders in young people: A systematic review' https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jpsychires.2022.10.058