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MEC405 Advanced Dynamics and Control

Mechanical engineering systems have moving parts that impact on each other. The interconnection of components and the existence of fluctuating forces cause vibrations that must be damped out. The relationships between motions, forces, moments and energy are all expressible as mathematical equations that can be developed from first principles. In this course, you will learn how to employ differential equations, vectors, operators, matrices and tensors to represent the motions in mechanical systems. These skills are built up as understandable solutions to practical engineering problems.

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(MTH202 or MTH104) and (ENG205 or MEC205 or MEC2401) and enrolled in Program SC410, SC411, SC425, SC404 or SC405
ENG405 or MEC3403
Semester of offer Subject to change
  • Sunshine Coast: Semester 2
Student contribution band
Band 2
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3.2: Science, Engineering, Environmental Studies
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