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Vice-Chancellor and President's Awards for Excellence

Each year, through the Vice-Chancellor and President’s Awards for Excellence, exceptional achievements are recognised and rewarded in the key areas of:

In 2023, there were seven recipients of the Vice-Chancellor and President’s Awards for Excellence.

Award For Excellence in Learning & Teaching
Dr Margaret Marshman

Senior Lecturer Mathematics and Physics Education
School of Education and Tertiary Access

Margaret is recognised for her ability to develop high-quality curriculum, design course content that is connected to the real world and innovate at the program design level. Margaret strives for excellence and innovation in curriculum and pedagogy and is passionate about equitable access to mathematics education and attracting a diverse range of people into mathematics and the teaching profession.

Margaret can see the potential in all students and respect their different mathematics experiences.

​​​Award For Excellence in Research Impact
Project Tarsier Team

A/Prof Grahame Applegate, Dr Liz Sousa Ota, Dr Micah Scudder, Dr Nestor Gregorio, Dr Dora Carias Vega, Dr Bob Fisher, Adriana Vega, Alexandra Catling, Christo Snyman, Kelly Stewart, Dr Inez Mahony, Luiz Pereira, Ricardo Pelser.

The team has been recognised for its innovative and collaborative partnership between researchers and industry to address the critical issue of climate change. The project is having a major impact on the lives and livelihoods of communities in the Philippines, as well as impacts on related policies and practices.

The knowledge and range of talents that the individuals in this team bring to the project has allowed it to address one of the most significant and complex environmental challenges of today and the unique approach has been recognised as an exemplar for reforestation projects.

​​Award For Excellence in Research Impact
(Early Career Academic)
Dr Daniel Wadsworth

Senior Lecturer in Applied Science
School of Health

Daniel has been recognised for his collaborative approach to research and successful partnerships with industry partners across a range of sectors. His growing impact at national and international levels is evident through his policy influence, publications and research funding success.

In addition to his outstanding research achievements, his commitment to supporting and developing other Early Career Academics and HDR students is of significant benefit to UniSC.

Award For Excellence in Engagement 
(Community Engagement and Impact)
The MindSET-do Team 

Dr Natalie McMaster, Sarah Rennick, Amanda Finch, Lana Jeffs, Prof Merrilyn Goos, Dr Michael Carey, Dr Janet Martin.

The team is dedicated to achieving excellence and fostering innovation in the development and expansion of programs that align with school curricula and teaching methodologies. These programs not only align with several key priorities at UniSC but have also acquired external funding and external recognition.

The team's unwavering commitment and long-term involvement have yielded a lasting impact on numerous community businesses, schools, and councils. Consequently, this has had a profound effect on student success. The remarkable growth of MindSET-do initiatives is substantial, with nearly 85% of students reporting an increased interest in learning technologies thanks to these programs. This sustained and inclusive access to education and knowledge serves as a foundation for supporting a more diverse and inclusive spectrum of students

Award For Excellence in Engagement 
(Community Engagement and Impact)
Best Field Trip in the World Team

Dan Trebble, Chris Huxley, Trisha Roe, Kirsty Jarrett, Phil van Zyl, Kylie Williams, Emma Rahui, Stacey Lander, Sebastion Marx, Thom Stuart, Jamie Farnell, Rebecca Cundy, Rachel Bateman, Alicia Brown, Janelle Kirkland

The team has been recognised for their marketing campaign to raise awareness of UniSC’s unique selling points, positioning UniSC as a leader in sustainability and its industry partnerships that benefit students and community. The campaign utilised experiential marketing by providing students with a taste of life at UniSC, supported by a creative campaign that let the beauty and excitement of the destinations feature.

The impressive outcome of 1643 leads generated through their digital marketing campaign is truly commendable and contributes to UniSC being Australia’s premier regional university.

Award For Excellence in Service
(Diversity and Inclusion)
The Voice, Your Choice Team

Dr Theresa Ashford, Karyn Baker, Jennifer Vaughan.

The team is recognised for wholeheartedly embracing diversity and inclusion, creating an environment where individuals felt secure engaging in respectful dialogues regarding the process and potential ramifications of the national referendum for the Voice to Parliament. The events that the team organised were well structured and facilitated, highly engaging and informative and well attended.

The team's initiative in orchestrating events spanning Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast campuses, showcasing both factual data and personal perspectives from staff and students, underscores our pivotal role in offering avenues to disseminate knowledge for the betterment of the entire community.

Award For Excellence in Service
(Leadership and Transformational Change)
Ms Hiedi Wilkinson

Equity Impact Evaluation Analyst
Student Services

Hiedi is recognised for pioneering the work of impact analysis of student services. Her first-in-sector PowerBI dashboard fosters an environment of data-driven decision making, providing robust data that is leveraged across the university. The availability of accurate data has streamlined operational approaches across Student Services and has enabled teams to innovate and make decisions to intentionally design experiences to promote student success.

Hiedi’s passion and commitment to understanding and improving the student experience and promoting equitable access is evident and her work has significantly contributed to institutional capabilities and transformation.