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Cultural and linguistic diversity

UniSC is made up of a diverse group of staff and students from all over the world.

We value the cultural and linguistic diversity of our community and actively support the Multicultural Queensland Charter. We are also a proud participant in the Multicultural Queensland Ambassador Program.

UniSC has helped develop the Sunshine Coast Multicultural Action Plan 2017-2020, which recognises, respects and embraces diverse cultures, striving to strengthen the resilience and prosperity of our multicultural Sunshine Coast.

Initiatives and events

UniSC is a proud signatory to the Australian Human Rights Commission campaign Racism. It stops with me. UniSC is one of 400 organisations committed to the campaign which is part of the National Anti-Racism Strategy that encourages us all to work together by taking action against racism, in all its different forms.

The Vice-Chancellor and President’s Diversity and Inclusion Awards recognises staff, students and alumni of the University who have made an outstanding and demonstrable commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion within the University and wider community.


UniSC is committed to ensuring staff and students can participate in personal and professional intercultural settings. We value diversity for the richness and creativity it brings.

Staff training

Staff are encouraged to participate in various learning opportunities that are available on the staff Learning and Development calendar (staff login required).

Student training

Unconscious bias training is a program designed to raise awareness of unconscious bias. The program provides ways to manage prejudices for better decision making.


The Calendar of Cultural and Religious Dates celebrates and raises awareness and understanding of significant days for people from diverse backgrounds. Developing a diverse and inclusive culture is an important part of being a world-leading university.

The cultural diversity and inclusive practice toolkit is a resource designed to assist members of our community promote mutually respectful relationships.

SBS’s Cultural Atlas is an educational resource providing comprehensive information on the cultural background of Australia’s migrant populations. Staff and students are encouraged to visit the Cultural Atlas to access general guidelines and insights designed to improve cross-cultural understanding.

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