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All Gender toilets

Having access to a secure toilet is a basic right for all people. Recognising that all students, staff and visitors should feel safe and welcome on our campuses, we have introduced all gender toilets at our UniSC Sunshine Coast, UniSC Caboolture, UniSC Fraser Coast, UniSC Gympie and UniSC Moreton Bay campuses.

The toilets are for people of all gender identities and expressions, providing a space on campus for people who may not feel comfortable using the binary gendered female or male toilets. Some people within the community don’t identify with traditional binary genders (male and female). Others don’t feel comfortable using a toilet designated by gender, sometimes because they’ve had a negative experience using a single-gender toilet due to their appearance or gender identity.

They also benefit parents and guardians accompanying children and people requiring the assistance of a carer, regardless of gender.

All gender toilets provide a space that can be used comfortably by everyone.

How can I tell if a toilet is all gender?

While unisex toilets are marked with male and female symbols, all gender toilets include an additional symbol that recognises gender diversity. At UniSC, the signs are also clearly marked with the words 'All Gender'.

Where to find all gender bathrooms on campus
  • UniSC Sunshine Coast – All buildings 
  • UniSC Moreton Bay (Ground Floor opposite AG.16)
  • UniSC Fraser Coast - All buildings
  • UniSC Caboolture - All buildings 
  • UniSC Gympie - (Ground Floor Main Building)

The first all gender toilets at UniSC are spaces that have previously been designated as unisex accessible toilets, as these are the most appropriate existing facilities. This means that all existing accessible toilets will remain fully accessible and can be used by people of all genders. Moving forward, signage will be updated across campuses.

For more information about UniSC's commitment to Diversity and inclusion.