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Anthony Vincent

Honorary Senior Fellow (April 2015)

Anthony Vincent was named an Honorary Senior Fellow in April 2015 in recognition of his his exceptional achievement in developing and leading academic excellence at a Sunshine Coast institution.

Anthony Vincent is an outstanding educational leader who has made a significant impact on the learning outcomes of Sunshine Coast students. As the former Principal of Matthew Flinders Anglican College for 15 years, he led the College to become a leading academic school on the Sunshine Coast and one of the leading schools in Queensland. He sets high academic standards and motivates young people to be the very best they can be. His support was crucial in establishing the University’s Indonesian Headstart Program, which led to more than 40 students and 40 teachers learning Indonesian here at the University. The program has now expanded into other Sunshine Coast schools. Anthony is highly regarded for his faith in the human spirit, fairness, and strong work ethic. He is an excellent role model as a teacher and as a school leader. He draws respect and admiration for his expertise, insightful contributions and collegiality, and for his determination, persistence and loyalty to the development of a strong academic culture. His leadership and dedication to advancing educational development on the Sunshine Coast is an inspiration.