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Aunty Denise Proud

Honorary Senior Fellow (October 2013)

Aunty Denise Proud was named an Honorary Senior Fellow in October 2013 in recognition of her important and sustained service to the Indigenous and non-Indigenous community and her respect for cultural diversity.

Aunty Denise Proud is recognised nationally and internationally as an Indigenous educator, community services practitioner, and artist. She has strengthened the capacity of both Indigenous and non-indigenous people through her academic, professional and leadership roles, and has continued to promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ATSI community engagement and identity in her ongoing work with schools, government, local organisations and higher education. Aunty Denise has supported the development of the USC Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Teacher Initiative ATSI and the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience Action Plan. Her assistance in providing guidance and consultation on Indigenous protocols and awareness on campus has been invaluable.