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Bill Dethlefs

Honorary Senior Fellow (April 2011)

Bill Dethlefs was named an Honorary Senior Fellow in April 2011 in recognition of his contributions to the Rotary/USC Community Fund and national and international Rotary projects.

Bill Dethlefs is a Rotarian who has been involved with the Rotary/USC Community Fund committee for 14 years, and as Chairman of the Fund committee for seven years. Bill first became involved with the University in a meeting with the Vice-Chancellor in 1996 and has continued his involvement with the University since that time. Bill’s involvement has been one of leadership within Rotary. He has been the focal point for decisions relating to Rotary and USC, making the task of working with 16 different Rotary clubs located on the Sunshine Coast manageable. Bill has been a trustee of the Australian Rotary Trust for six years including Deputy Chairman and National Chairman of Rotarians Against Malaria for three years. Bill also worked with Rotary International on a number of assignments for many years. One of the them being the financial and compliance audit of a water project in a remote area of Tanzania. In 2011, Bill retired as Chairman of the Rotary / USC Community Fund as well as certain other roles within Rotary.