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Don Maconachie

Distinguished Companion (September 2020)

Don Maconachie was named Distinguished Companion in September 2020 in recognition of his commitment and leadership to USC, and his contributions to the economic and social advancement of the region. Serving in a number of directorial roles, Don's dedicated service has assisted USC to achieve its strategic goals and enhance its reputation.

Don Maconachie commenced employment at USC in 2001 and has remained a committed and active member of the University community through to his retirement in December 2018. His roles have included, among others, Director, Teaching and Research Services; Director, Executive Projects Unit; and Director, Office of the Vice-Chancellor and President. Don has had key roles in the establishment of the Sunshine Coast Health Institute, Sunshine Coast Mind and Neuroscience – Thompson Institute and driving the start-up of the Sunshine Coast Lightning. His enduring vision, leadership, and dedicated service have assisted USC to achieve its strategic goals and enhance its reputation, and further have contributed to the economic and social advancement, and capacity-building of the region. Under-pinning all of Don's endeavours is the drive to create academic opportunities for USC, but always with reference to how those opportunities benefit the region. Don advocates strongly for USC and the region across a broad range of issues and audiences which will no doubt continue long after his retirement from USC.