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Dr Peter Welsh

Honorary Senior Fellow (April 2015)

Dr Peter Welsh was named an Honorary Senior Fellow in April 2015 in recognition of his exemplary service to the University, and for his compassionate and highly skilled work as a General Practitioner in private practice in the Sunshine Coast community.

Dr Peter Welsh is a highly regarded medical practitioner, and the University is extremely fortunate to benefit from his expertise. Perhaps most recognised for his compassionate and highly skilled work as a GP in private practice on the Sunshine Coast, Dr Welsh has been a close friend and supporter of the Sport and Exercise Science discipline at the University for more than 10 years.

Dr Welsh has provided invaluable assistance to many athletes and representative sporting teams. He has offered generous and unwavering support to the University, including many guest lectures, multi-disciplinary research collaboration and years of exacting work on the University’s Human Research Ethics Committee. Joining this Committee in 2001, Dr Welsh’s lengthy service clearly demonstrates his long-standing commitment to the University, and his contribution to research growth.

Dr Welsh has set the standard for engagement between the University and the region, and his voluntary service highlights his enduring generosity and commitment.