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Jocelyn Walker

Chancellor’s Stole (September 2019)

Jocelyn Walker was awarded the Chancellor’s Stole in September 2019 in recognition of her philanthropic dedication to USC's Foundation Board and her generous donations towards USC's facilities and fundraising campaigns.

Jocelyn is a passionate advocate and generous donor to USC. In 2011, Jocelyn was made an Honorary Senior Fellow of the University to recognise her contribution to USC and the Sunshine Coast community. Since this time, she has continued to work tirelessly in support of USC.

Jocelyn has been one of the USC Foundation Board’s long-time leaders through the level of her giving as well as the fundraising activity she initiates. She is well known as a person who gets behind a cause and then works tirelessly to support it. Her advocacy for USC is unsurpassed.

As a major donor to USC, Jocelyn has often made the first substantial gift to the University’s fundraising campaigns including the Art Gallery, Health and Sports Centre and swimming pool. She was pioneer in setting up one of the first student scholarships and in 2017, she helped create and launch the USC 1996 Society. Jocelyn is a true philanthropist; not only as one of the most generous donors to the University but also in the generosity of her time. Her 20 years on the USC Foundation Board is a true asset for the University.

Jocelyn and her family have lived on the Sunshine Coast for over 25 years. Jocelyn’s son Drew, son-in-law Andre, and daughter-in-law Meegan have all studied at USC - Meegan graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy in September this year.

In recognition of her continued support and significant contributions to educational excellence at USC and the greater Sunshine Coast region, Jocelyn Walker is a worthy recipient of the honorary award of Chancellor’s Stole of the University of the Sunshine Coast.