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John Gallagher

Honorary Senior Fellow (April 2016)

John Gallagher was named an Honorary Senior Fellow in April 2016 in recognition of his significant contributions to University Governance through his long-standing membership and nine-year commitment to the Planning and Resources Committee.

John Gallagher has been a keen supporter of the University of the Sunshine Coast since 2006. John served as a valued member of the Planning and Resources Committee from August 2006 to August 2015. As a committee member, he was directly involved in setting up the University's strategic direction and monitoring management's progress towards achievement of its institutional goals. Throughout this time, his advocacy for the University's endeavours has been invaluable.

John’s strong background in commercial law enabled him to provide sound advice to the Committee and Council on corporate and business legal matters. For over a decade, John has demonstrated an extraordinary blend of vision, energy and strategic leadership, along with the qualifications and skills to make a tremendous impact on this University.