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Laraine Hill

Honorary Senior Fellow (September 2020)

Laraine Hill was named a Honorary Senior Fellow in September 2020 in recognition of her services to USC directly contributing to the realisation of USC’s aspirations through her role as an advocate and relationship builder.

Across more than a decade and a half Laraine Hill’s work for and with USC and our community has exemplified our expectations of an Honorary Senior Fellow: ‘a significant and sustained contribution to the development’ of USC and our region. Since arriving on the Sunshine Coast in 2004, accompanying her partner, USC’s Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Greg Hill, Laraine has been a constant, strong and important supporter of USC, directly contributing to the realisation of USC’s aspirations through her roles as an advocate and relationship builder, as well as through her support of Greg. Perhaps most obviously, Laraine has actively participated in countless USC events and represented USC at external events. This has included her development and maintenance of relationships with key stakeholders, including many of our major donors. Laraine is active in the USC community through her support of initiatives like 'The 1996 Society' and other University Foundation activities. Perhaps less obvious are the countless examples of Laraine encouraging and supporting individual USC staff to realise their potential, and USC’s. Laraine is genuinely community-focused, highly ethical and someone who upholds USC’s declared values. Laraine is also an active member of the Graduate Women Queensland Sunshine Coast branch and supports their charitable events and activities.
Laraine's achievements in the area of special education and development delay and her community activities fit with the University's values of social justice, integrity, respect and engagement. In Darwin, Laraine was involved in working with Indigenous children who were struggling with school. She became an expert in her area and did consultancy/ teacher support training to equip teachers to better support and work with their students After moving to the Sunshine Coast she again followed her love of teaching in a mix of special education and classrooms at Matthew Flinders College.