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Penelope Embrey-Bond

Honorary Senior Fellow (April 2000)

Penelope Embrey-Bond was named an Honorary Senior Fellow in April 2000 in recognition of her work as an adviser on Indigenous issues during the establishment of USC.

Ms Penelope Embrey-Bond is also known as Aunty, which in Aboriginal culture, is a mark of great status and respect - and she is a person who deserves that respect. Although Ms Embrey-Bond is not a resident of the Sunshine Coast, she has ancestral links with the Kabi Kabi people that traditionally lived in this area of the Sunshine Coast, including where the University now stands. In fact, Ms Embrey-Bond, who lives at Cherbourg Aboriginal reserve and who has for years been collecting with her family, records of Aboriginal history in this area, is an elder of the Kabi Kabi. She has been an active campaigner for basic human rights for Aboriginal people all her adult life. She was an active member of the Aborigines Advancement League in Queensland and was the first Aboriginal chairperson for an Aboriginal Corporation in Queensland in 1976. She is also a patron of the Woodford Folk Festival.