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Phillip Procopis

Honorary Senior Fellow (October 2015)

Phillip Procopis was named an Honorary Senior Fellow in October 2015 in recognition of the instrumental role he played as a foundation member of the University's Audit and Risk Management Committee since inception in 2004 until 2011 in the development and progress of the University's formulation of a transparent Terms of Reference, Audit and Assurance Strategy, self-assessment process and selection of an externally based Internal Audit function.

Phil Procopis was a long-term member of USC’s foundation Audit and Risk Management Committee. First appointed in 2003 he served until 2011. In this time, Phil made a significant contribution to the University and the Committee; bringing the right blend of vision, energy and strategic leadership along with industry and University experience, skills and qualifications.

As a man of high integrity and character, Phil was able to make decisions and take actions without fear or favour. Serving three terms, he provided invaluable experience and insight while improving accountability and performance across the University. He implemented many important improvements resulting in greater operational efficiencies. In other words, he made us work better and smarter.

With a long history of assurance work, he was instrumental in the setup and ongoing activities of the Queensland University Audit and Assurance Network and the Queensland Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors. In his long and distinguished career, Phil has made an outstanding contribution to public and education sector accountability.