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Professor Doug Mahar

Emeritus Professor (September 2017)

Professor Doug Mahar was named an Emeritus Professor in September 2017 in recognition of his significant contribution to the USC School of Social Sciences, and to the University’s committees.

Professor Doug Mahar commenced at USC in July 2013 as Head, School of Social Sciences.

During his time at USC, Professor Mahar has rendered sustained and distinguished service to the University through leadership in research, scholarship, teaching, academic innovation and management. In addition to his work as Head of School, he has served on the USC Academic Board, Research Committee and Research Degrees Committee.

Professor Mahar’s research has specialised in Experimental Psychology, and his expertise in this area has been recognised via invited colloquia at international universities including the University of Rome, the University of York and the University of Vermont. His outstanding service to the University has also made a significant contribution to the local region.