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Professors Anne and Neil Rees

Emeritus Professor (April 2016)

Professors Anne and Neil Rees were named Emeritus Professors in April 2016 in recognition of their contributions to the establishment and growth of the USC Law School and its centrepiece the Law Clinic.

Professors Anne and Neil Rees were appointed the inaugural Professors and Joint Heads of the University of the Sunshine Coast Law School in February 2013. Their challenge – to design, develop and lead a new Law program through its infancy. Both Anne and Neil’s contributions were critical to the Law School’s success and its strong connection to the Sunshine Coast community.

As a result of their efforts, local students now have the opportunity to gain a law degree right here on the Sunshine Coast. And it continues to receive tremendous support from the community.

The centrepiece of the USC Law School is the Law Clinic, which operates in conjunction with the Suncoast Community Legal Service at Maroochydore. In building the program, Neil and Anne selected an exceptional group of staff to ensure that this support, and the success of the Law program, will continue.

After a job well done, both Anne and Neil retired from the University in February 2016.